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Love, your relationships, the world.

I compassionately nurture people to open their hearts to self love with Intuitive Full Spectrum Energy Healings and Reiki.

Via Zoom and guided by love, every session is special to your needs and specific to what you are trying to nourish in your life. We chat before so I can align my healing with your unique needs. Get comfortable, I will play crystal bowls to calm your mind to connect you to your body and spirit. You may see colors or images, receive messages, or experience profound feelings. We are all unique and therefore will have different experiences during each healing. Deep relaxation is often felt. We will talk of your experience and I will share my inutuitive reading with you.

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  • Is your heart awake and open or is it broken? 

  • Do you feel empty and ashamed for not really feeling love for others or yourself?

  • Do you feel worthy and able to truly receive love?

If you have found yourself holding back in relationships because of all the years of disappointment that have formed a crust over your heart, there is help. While this crust protects you from deep pain it also prevents you from profound joy. In my relationships I felt something was missing, a yearning for a deeper connection, something more...the missing part was me! Not loving myself held me back from trusting love and fully letting others love me. Let me help you open your heart and feel love.

Imagine how you would feel if:​

  • You felt fully and passionately connected to your heart and not living in your head 

  • You were able to be completely vulnerable and ask for your wants and needs freely with those you love

  • You love yourself fearlessly and trusted your own heart


I have lived most of my life hiding my beautiful self...even from myself! Energy work allows me to feel love, really feel it at a soul level. I now feel love from my heart rather than my mind telling me I should feel love. To let ourselves be seen, deeply seen, vulnerably seen, imperfectly seen is to be truly alive! Believe you are worthy of love and connection. Let me help and nurture you to a place of gratitude and joy, even in those moments of despair and loneliness, when we are wondering "Can I love this much?" "Can I be this vulnerable?"

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What is Energy Work?

I have always sought to get closer to who I am and in that process I discovered Full Spectrum Energy Healing. I had no idea I was running all my energy through my mind until I started getting Full Spectrum Healings. After a healing, I felt more connected to my body; I had more clarity, energy, contentment and started experiencing spontanious joy! I also started handling daily life with more compassion and love for myself and others. Based on how it healed me and the profound changes it made in my life, I pursued energy healing to provide the same for others. By clearing blocked feelings, out of balanced emotions and compromised energy centers, it re-establishes flow to your energy patterns. Creating harmony between your body, mind and spirit.

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