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Rock Balancing

About Donna Lee

Hi, I'm Donna Lee. Growing up in an unstable home, I learned from a young age to hide my vulnerability to stay safe. I protected myself by appearing unemotional or being invisible. I went through life unconsciously wearing this protective armour. On the inside, I felt a deep loneliness and a disconnect from others. I tried traditional therapy over the decades but it never seemed to evolve my heart. I married a wonderful loving guy but was never able to take my armour off. I kept feeling something was wrong with me, him or us and ended our 29 year marriage. I hit bottom. My intuition and my heart led me to Energy Medicine School where I learned about the power of self love. I slowly removed my armour and opened my heart. What I desired was to feel love and as my heart opened I realized that "I am love", "you are love" and that love can heal the world.

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