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"Donna's gentle, loving nature made me feel very comfortable immediately. Prior and during the sessions, she was excellent at communicating her intentions and asking questions to fulfill my needs!"

"Donna heals with gentleness and an open heart. Her gift of empathy allows her to hold space in a compassionate way for her clients. A session with Donna left me feeling supported and held in a nurturing way. If you are experiencing any type of heartache whether towards yourself or another, Donna can guide you to your heart and deeper love."

Hilary, New York

Joan, Massachusetts

"Donna is a very gentle person and has so much compassion and love in her heart that flows effortlessly from her to her clients. The healing left me so relaxed, calm and in a peaceful state. I am so grateful to Donna and would highly recommend her to anyone!"

"Donna is such a bright light in this world. Her kindness and loving nature radiate through the session. I was able to deeply relax and feel renewed. By holding the space for healing, she helped me feel unconditionally loved and accepted. I highly recommend a session with her."

DM, New Hampshire

Melissa, Massachusetts

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